Monday, April 27, 2009

Kadaif, or why we love Hummus Place

Kadaif. Hummus Place. Our, and I mean my brother David and I, favorite HP is the one on St. Mark's. We will generally go out of our way to get there. Although we both suffer from a complex unique to non-Hebrew speaking Israelis when confronted with the accented waitresses and the Israeli hippies with dreads that tend to hang out on that block right above Tompkins Square Park, we bravely face the fear and walk under the bright yellow awning each time because we love it. Ah, Hummus Place. I am not going to talk about how creamy and smooth the hummus is, or how for some reason the pickles and olives taste so much better there than the exact same ones I buy in the can from kvuzat yavne or beit hashita and eat at home. By the way, the pickle and olive platter used to be free but now cost 75 cents. We could talk about the fresh mint tea, or the perfectly grilled eggplant, but I won't. Not today. Today I will talk about kadaif.
the house dessert dry Kadaif topped with vanilla infused ricotta cheese, halva and honey date $3.95

That's what they say, such a simple way to describe a true masterpiece of a dessert and I am not being facetious. Crisp, buttery shredded filo, creamy ricotta cheese, the melt in your mouth sesame-sweet shredded halva, and the caramel-y honey date sauce combine into a full experience. It is not sticky-sweet or cloying, like baklava can be, or overly creamy, or too rich, like a piece of halva. It is a rare thing to find, the near perfect dessert. Seriously good.

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