Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Israeli Breakfast and an Explanation

I am eating breakfast as I type, trying to put the finishing touches on the portfolio due for my writing class. This evening, at 6:20 PM, I am going to submit this whole blog, which began as an experiment in constraint-based writing. The class, Improvisation: Methods and Theory, has a final project in which each student has to pick a particular rule, or constraint, that would govern the whole work. One student chose to tell the story of a life through e-bay postings, another used the constraint of a children's story, some used poetry or a one-woman play. My idea was to write a series of essays that would all be written, somehow or other, in recipe form. But, as our Professor Ruth Danon told us from the beginning, whatever our original intention might be, it will invariably change during the writing process. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because the process is almost if not as important as the finished result. So what began as a recipe book morphed into the beginnings of Fork in the Road Blog. There are still longer essays with recipes sprinkled throughout, which are much longer than a regular blog post, as well as the pictures and adventures in my daily life. Although class is over, I am still going to continuing writing here. This is a work in progress with no definite end, and I would appreciate as much feedback as possible. Thank you to all who have read and will read this, for taking the time to listen.

And just a quick look at my favorite breakfast in the world: Israeli salad, olives, eggs, and yogurt with za'atar.

And of course, some Prigat Grapefruit Drink.

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