Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two Grills, Two Days. Day Two, Or Why I Love my Life.

Memorial Day 2009. A mash-up of food on the grill. There was no theme, it was a free-for-all, a strange buffet that didn't really go together but somehow worked. First, Korean-style kalbi, beef short ribs, sliced thinly and coated in a soy, scallion, ginger, sticky, sweet and so addictive marinade. Then the Mexican cactus salad: diced and cooked squares of the delicious nopal, tossed with chopped onion, tomato, jalapeno, cilantro, and seasoned with lime juice and salt. Add some Southern-style pork ribs, basted with bbq sauce and left to caramelize on the grill. Plus baked beans, buffalo wings, grilled scallions, sticky rice, and Vietnamese vermicelli rice noodle salad to round it out. Then there were the salsas: a creamy avocado salsa verde, and a spicy smoky chile de arbol salsa with charred tomatillos. We washed it all down with plenty of agua de sandia (watermelon water) and lots o' beer. A typical family get together? Well, actually, for us it was. The two of us plus brothers, sisters, uncles, brothers-in-law and future brothers-in-law, friends, and of course kids, sitting on the patio behind the house, our old house, on 45th Avenue. We come from all over, we love different things, and we all came together to celebrate the start of summer. It sounds like a bad joke. What do you get when a Mexican grills Korean BBQ, a Puerto Rican brings baby back ribs and baked beans, and two Jews make rice noodle salad? Memorial Day in Corona. Welcome to Queens.

Our nephew Jonathan, a budding gourmand, loves his short ribs while showing his Mexican Futbol Pride. Go Cruz Azul.

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