Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Where did the summer go?

Yes, once again it's been a while. I haven't written a thing since July. How could that have happened? A whole month has passed me by. It's not like I haven't eaten since July, or cooked, or even catered. But I've been busy with wedding stuff and also, to be honest, I've been lazy. School was out, and I didn't feel like writing. I know, I'm terrible. I have been taking pictures though, so I will do a sort of best of entry, Summer 2009. There were turkey burgers and mini ice cream cones, salads and sandwiches, princess birthday cakes and picnics, not too mention a search for the best chaat in jackson heights, and a trip to Vegas! Here are a few of the highlights, in picture form. Enjoy.

Birthday Picnic!

A delicious mezze platter at Black Orchid in BK

Mango and pistachio mini cones in South Orange.

I keep trying to recreate the chipotle salad that I order while doing homework on 8th street but it never quite works.
The best chicken-tarragon salad with marinated tomatoes on whole wheat bread ever, thanks to Jose!

The first, and hopefully last, princess cake I will ever be asked to make.
And the lovely princess.... our niece Jade
The Fixings for the Best Turkey Burgers Ever (how could I not have taken pics of the burgers?)

The most photogenic chaat of the bunch, from the last place we went on the chaat tour of 09,
Maharaja Snacks and Sweets in JH.

A trip to the Red Hook soccer fields for some huaraches. What can I say, I've had way better in Queens.

You can't tell from this awful picture but it was fajita night at the Markel-Gonzalez house.
Whole wheat tortillas. So healthy, aren't we?
This is a lovely pic from our cabana (yes, cabana!) poolside at the Mirage in Las Vegas. It was an amazing trip with the girls, and we were VIP's all the way. No healthy eating there.

It's been the worst summer weather-wise that I can remember, which for me means no beach trips and hardly any picnics. But it's not over quite yet, and I will put some labor day posts up.
After that, well, school starts next week and the wedding is less than two months away, so I'm not saying that I'll never post again, but I am sort of tossing out the idea that I won't be cooking or posting for a while.

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